Sunday, July 02, 2006

Brazil loyalty in India

The Brazil soccer team is one of the wonderful teams. The soccer tradition in Brazil is admirable. But the loyalty of many intellectual Indians to the Brazilian soccer team does not seem to be based on soccer criteria. There is that horrible bit of political correctness. Brazil is a Third World country. Brazilians challenge the supremacy of white, racist Europeans. Most Indians said that Brazil is the clear winner of this World Cup, and not much thought had gone into their prediction. They were voicing their inmost hope. They wanted Brazil to win. It did not seem to matter to these thinking Indians that the Brazilian team is quite erratic at the best of times, something like the Indian cricket team. There is genius, but there is no consistency. Perhaps, that is to be expected. But then inconsistency of genius had to be factored in when looking at the prospects of Brazil. But sentimentality of political correctness makes Indians bleary-eyed and foggy-minded.
There was also a similar miscalculation with regard to England. The star status of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney was supposed to have taken care of the poetential of the English team. Underdogs Portugal clearly disproved the assumption. Many expected a Brazil-England clash in the Cup final.
The most underrated team was of course that of France. But the French quietly made their way into the semifinals.

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