Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blogs will evolve, the good ones will survive though the bad will dominate for a while

Let us admit this. Not everyone has the patience to wade through blogs. A recent survey suggested that most blogs are read only by fellow-bloggers. There are many people who use blogs to air their personal and private feelings and views, and like all personal and private views they do not have much authority or interest beyond a small circle of friends. But then there are blogs and blogs. There will be good ones, and there will be the rotten ones. It is the same in the world of books. Even bad books get published, but readers throw them away. In the case of blogs, perhaps the number of 'bad books' is too huge. But a blog to survive has to have some useful information or view. And depending on the public mood, even the bad ones may gain popularity for a while. But there is no need for any one to get unduly gloomy about the state of culture and values in these first years of 21st century. Blogs will evolve, the valuable ones will stay. So, bloggers need not despair. They should aim at doing the good job, improve their quality.

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