Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There was sex before sex education, but infantile modernists and clueless right wingers clash in a foolish manner in TV studios

Modern, English-educated Indians are like apes, who want to imitate all that is going on in modern West, and they falsely believe it is scientific as well. Watching them talk arrant nonsense, your blood boils at one level, and you are laughing your guts out at another level. On Tuesday night, an anchor of a prominent English language private news channel confronted the sacrificial lambs from the right-wing BJP and RSS. They were brought on show to showcase how stupid the right wingers were. The rightwingers are generally stupid, but the silly chattering classes make give them the opportunity of being more sensible than they really are. So, this bright anchor confronted the right winger, "Did you threaten to file cases under the Indian Penal Code against teachers who will teach sex education? Why do you want to threaten them?" Then the chap asked what is wrong if he were to use a legal process to challenge what he disagrees with. He went on to ask, "Do you want us to adopt other means?" Then the chirpy anchor shot back, saying, "You have any way confirmed that you have threatened."
The silly thing about sex education debate is that no one seems to realise that for more than 40,000 years, if we consider the Neanderthals to be our ancestors, sex has happened without any syllabus. Even today, in village and town, the poor and the illiterate get on with sex without any help from the literate classes.
The problems seems to be more with the genteel middle classes, who have been brought up with a Victorian mental outlook -- it is this English-speaking class -- which wants to affect some changes. And it wants to do it in a systematic, institutional fashion through a set syllabus taught in the class room. This class should be allowed to go on with its silly experiment in the art of living. It would be fun to watch the antics of these genteel idiots learning from books some of the natural things.
And the sex curriculum evolved by the do-gooder UNICEF and the AIDS-fighter, NACO, is comical to say the least. The students who are subjected to this course will have a good laugh. Because these children will find degraded pornography a much better reading material.
The spread o AIDS cannot be prevented by making promiscuity behaviour safe through the use of condoms, which seems to be the strategy at the moment.
Much as we dislike it, we may have to go back to traditional moral. religious teaching to inculcate the proper code of sexual behaviour, and validate institutions like marriage and family, fidelity and responsibility.
And it would be unrealistic to expect that society will become saintly because of moral instruction. There will be people who will be wild, but the large majority of people will choose to stay within the parameters of social norms. That is how, societies and communities have lived through the millennia.
And as to the infantile modernists and clueless right wingers, they will continue to clash in the TV studios.

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