Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Sania Mirza can learn from Marion Bartoli

Marion Bartoli may have lost out to Venus Williams in the Wimbledon women's final on Saturday, but she will be remembered more for her superb game against Justin Henin in the semifinal on Friday. There she stood, this little, slightly plumpish girl with her flowing hair and child-like face, returning shot for shot against one of the dominant players of the season. She did not allow herself to be overawed by the reputation of Justin Henin. She showed what it is to have a big match temperament. She did not indulge in prety antics despite her comely face. She was there just to play the game, and she played with uncanny clarity of mind. There was not just power in her shots. It was controlled power. Here eyes never moved away from the ball. She was a picture of pure concentration.

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