Sunday, November 18, 2007

It is the fault of Congress members, do not blame Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

It is de rigeur for all those critical and objective journalists, and the biased folk from the other political parties like the BJP, to carp at the family firm of Nehru-Gandhi Congress. The family bashing has gone on for too long, and none of us can claim that we resisted the temptation of taking potshots at the Nehru-Gandhis. But with dynasties emerging in almost all other political parties except those two juvenile formations - the Communists and the BJP -- it has become a little ridiculous to criticise Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for being assertive and even a wee bit arrogant and impatient with the party sycophants. The only way to end the sycophancy would be to walk away from it all. But Sonia and Rahul are not saints. They are ordinary human beings. And also, it would be disastrous for them to abandon the party because the Congress Party members are in the infantile stage where they do not how to fend for themselves. They are most likely to destroy the party in the process. That should not cause much concern but for the fact that will likely create a dangerous vacuum in the political sphere. And fascist parties like the BJP -- it will need a longer and separate argument to describe the fascist nature of the BJP even though it continues to function in a democratic setup-- will be the immediate beneficiaries. So it is also in a way a sense of respnosibility on the part of Sonia Gandhi to continue to lead the party though she is aware that there is not much she is able to do .

Sonia Gandhi then has to plod on with the job of leading the Congress Party, and she has also to groom Rahul Gandhi to take over the party that refuses to grow up and stand on its own feet and think with its own mind. Congress men and women are a bunch of imbeciles who need to hold on to the fingers of the family to stumble along.

The alternative to the debilitating Congress Party is not really Mayawati's BSP or some variant of the Janata Dal -- secular, united et al -- to be led by pious fakes like V.P.Singh or adolescent socialists like Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar.

India needs a liberal party, which is rooted strongly in the principles of individualism, democracy and an unshaking opposition to all sorts of fascism -- nationalism, Hindutv, majoritarianism, minortyism -- represented by BJP and other communal forces including the political parties representing the minorities. It should not be a problem for India to throw up a good liberal party. That is exactly what educated Indians did in 1885 when the Congress Party was founded. We need to create another Congress Party on the basis of a liberal ideology. The old Congress is too decrepit and it is caught in the web of false ideologies like socialism and secularism. It will choke and die in due coarse. We have to think of the future.

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