Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Navjot Singh Sidhu and NDTV anchors should just shut up

It should have been confirmed long ago. Navjot Singh Sidhu must have been a doughty cricketer in his time, but he does not know enough to speak about the game. He is also perhaps a good BJP politician with a not-so-impressive gift of the gab. But he is a disgrace to any discussion on the game. He lacks public etiquette. he is carried away by his own zeal and his own silly verbosity/witticism. His contribution to the debate on the India-Australia Second Test at Sydney last week is nothing but noise pollution of the toxic kind.

The NDTV anchors -- both those who deal with the sports section and the general news -- were literally screeching at the top of their voices like street-corner jingoists. Once in a while, one of them would want to play the 'devil's advocate' -- but that was only a fig leaf for their naked mob-mentality -- but they were all basically turning a silly incident on the cricket ground into a matter of national honour. One of the NDTV anchors was bandying the word 'ugly Australian' in a cavalier manner, as though all Australians were ugly, and that too at a time when the Australian journalists and those who voted in the opinion polls were condeming Ricky Ponting and his men. It needed Arun Lal to say that Harbhajan Singh's honour cannot be equated with 'national honour' on that rookie channel called 'Headlines Today'. It might b asked as to why NDTV is being singled out. It is for the simple reason that this writer watches the stupid channel quite faithfully, and frets and fumes over it.

What does all this indcate? It shows that meda has no sense of proportion, no sense of restraint, no sense of dignity. NDTV is only a representative of media hysteria. Both The Times of India and Hindustan Times were crying hoarse about the nation and national pride in their Page 1 lead stories. It is not surprising that the media lost its sense and behaved in a loony fashion. Media all over the woorld and at every time in the modern era played a jingoistic role. The French press pressed on for war against Germany in the Franco-Prussian war in 1871, hanging on to the insignificant 'Elms telegramme' that the wily Bismarck had sent as a ruse to pull the Second Empire of Louis Bonaparte into a war with Germany, which is exactly what Bismarck wanted to finish his German unification plan. And the French media played into his hands. But more than a 100 years after that media madness, one would have thought that the media would have learnt some lessons. Apparently, it has not.

India's so-called classy media is as bad as the gutter press when it comes to playing up inconsequential issues like spats on a cricket ground.

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Nobody007 said...

Exactly And Absolutely. I Stopped Watching N D T V Sports After Sidhu Started His Expert Opinion. I Switched Over To The Other Channels Better Hosted, Presented And Good Enough Opinions. Sidhu's Language Is Bad, Not Decent And Unpleasent To The Ear. I Had Even Gave Feedback But Do Not Know Whether It Was Read And Taken Into Consideration.

I Recollect Hever The I C C Championships Sony Extra Innings Show. During That Episode, Geoff Boycott The Best In The Businees Was Interrupted, And Rudely Criticised Rediculed By Sidhu. Finally The Co _ Anchor Of The Show Cutin And Asked Sidhu To Almost Shut Up And Never Again Put A Query To Sidhu In The Entire Show. Mandira Bedi Was Also Present As Was Charu Sharma.


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