Friday, April 11, 2008

Rohan Bopanna should not have played

Rohan Bopanna was not completely fit when he played Japan's Kei Nishilori in the first match of the India-Japan Davis Cup qualifier tie at Delhi on Friday morning. It was all too evident when the match got going. He was not able to run around the court. He was surviving the games of the first set purely on service. This is something that is not done. If a player is not 100 per cent, he should not be allowed to play. He was literally hobbling across the court, and unsuccessfully too. It is not just embarrassing. It is unfair to the player himself.
It is a matter of curiosity why this kind of a thing happens only in India. Perhaps it should not come as a surprise even. It has been always like this way. Petty politics scores over minimal standards and norms.

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