Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Quantum of Solace' retains slickness of Bond films

Quite a few people are dissatisfied with 'Quantum of Solace" because it does not bring with the oodles of sex that one has grown accustomed to along with guns and gadgets. The formula is guns, gadgets and girls. In this film, there are not too many girls to leverage glamour as it were. Ukrainian Olga Kuryloenko is in a slightly serious role because her character in the film is that of a victim seeking justice through revenge. That does not leave much room either for Bond or her to bond with each other at an emotional level. But people forget, that there is never a romance quotient in a Bond film. He has to move on to a new mission and to new gilrs. So he cannot be tied down to any one in any one film!

That said, what is impressive about 'Quantum of Solace" is its typical Bond story characteristic of moving swiftly from country to country, from continent to continent.
Is Bond a little emotional in this film? Perhaps slightly more than usual But it seems to suit the image of Daniel Craig, who retains the British reserve without being too cold.
The action scenes in the first 10 minutes are breathtaking.
Olga Kurylenko looks like a woman character from a Western, where she has her own story to tell and she walks alone as well. That is interesting.
The theme in this film is about villains causing environmental damage in cahoots with dictators.

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