Sunday, May 10, 2009

The mood graph of 2009 Lok Sabha election

When the election process began with the first phase of voting on April 16, not much could be made out as to what would be the outcome. There was a hunch that pehaps Congress and the UPA would scare through. But after the second phase, it became clear that Congress was slipping from its position of being a favourite. After the third phase, senior Congress leaders said that all that they can with certainty is that the BJP will not win this one. Senior BJP leaders were doing the same, saying that the Congress does not stand a chance of winning this one. They did not claim victory for themselves. But after the fourth phase on May 7, the BJP claimed that it was in the lead, the Congress said that it was coming back to power, and the CPI-M was saying this was now the turn of the Left Front to form the government. Of course, this last response is a sort of bluster which every party, even when defeat is straing it in the face, is forced to say. The people must be laughing in their sleeves at the games politicians play, and how they are cut off from reality as such. It is one thing to hope for victory, even when the situation is hopeless. But it is another to claim victory beforehand. In truth, they must say that at election time, it is the choice of the people, and that whatever the people's decision, they would accept it. But that is considered to be an apolitical answer. A true politicians is one who sticks to his position in the face of evidence that goes against one. Now, that could serve as a definition of a politician. He or she is a person who wants to manipulate reality.

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