Saturday, March 12, 2011

There are forces other than human ingenuity

The deadly tsunami that hit east Japan on Friday (March 11) is a reality check for the environmentalists that the world and the universe out there is much too powerful and it cannot be preserved and protected by human beings. Many would take this opportunity to cite the nuclear plant explosion Daiichi to show the inherent dangers of nuclear power. It is only partially true. It would be foolish to deny that it has no dangers. There are issues but they can be handled. The tsunami was not the last straw. It is more an extreme case scenario, and it would be necessary to factor this as well in the future. But of course, scientists and technologists will have to accept, and the real ones among them do accept, that there are many things that lie beyond the control of human beings. This world is not of our making and we have an absolutely limited handle on it. That bit of humility is sufficient to take care of ourselves.

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