Friday, March 18, 2011

Wikileaks contains immensely valuable tidbits which do not always add up

There is plenty of information -- real and significant but not too critical -- in the Wikileaks which reveals much about the working and thinking of the American state department. It is a great primer in the realpolitik behind the rhetoric of liberal democracy and liberal ethics. Here is information that a Machiavelli would be tempted to use by way of an illustration. But the dots are not always connected. So there is the danger of drawing easy and dangerous conclusions.
Wikileaks can be used to build a case against the United States as "the evil empire", and that is what the maverick liberal Julian Assange has in mind. Mavericks are generally irresponsible because all that they are interested is in the righteousness of their crusade. There is much evil Americans have done, but it is as much as any other country does in the real, bad world.
We do need the unrealistic idealists because they are the conscience-keepers, they are the proverbial Cassandras. Some and not all of what they say should be taken into account. The problem with idealists is that they want utopias and utopias are totalitarian systems, political and social nightmares.
The thing to be done is to look at the Wikileaks information with reasonable interest and leave it at that.
The bribery in the July 2008 trust vote should be fought and settled on its own merits and not on the basis of Wikileaks.

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