Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cong pats itself on UPA second anniversary, but the mood is sombre

New Delhi: It was a sombre and lacklustre second anniversary party at prime minister Manmohan Singh's official on Sundau evening. But on Monday Congress party spokesperson Manish Tiwari tried to make up by focusing on the positive aspects of the Congress-led UPA government's achievements.

But it was clear that the government and the Congress were worried and there was no trace of a celebratory mood. The prime minister's dinner that followed the customary report card of the government was a sedate affair. The party tried to put its best foot forward as it were though it did seem a half-hearted attempt and it needed all of Tiwari's spokesmanly skills to make what he could of it.

Tiwari's positive report card for the party and government included political stability with elections in the five states held without any violent incidents. The internal security is satisfactory though north-east region is tense which is mainly due to historical reasons. He said the central government was cooperating with the state governments in Maoist-affected areas both on security and development.

He said in the midlle of a global economic crisis, India has remained stable. He also cited the RTI, MNREGA and Right To Education (RTE). Tiwari extolled the government's position: “India will be the first country where basic needs are being turned into legal rights. It would sure be a model even for developed countries.”

The victories in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala assembly elections last week should have brought cheer to the government and to the party, but it has not. There is a glimmer of gloom more than hope.

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