Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Congress at wits' end to explain away govt blunders

Right-wing conspiracy theory offers a way out

New Delhi: Congress party was still looking lost and a little listless on Monday more than a day after the Congress-led UPA government's misadventure with yoga teacher Ramdev.

Party's general secretary and head of the media cell, Janardhan Dwivedi, hinted at a right-wing conspiracy. Minutes later, even as he was briefing the media, an angry man pretending to be a journalist of a little known paper from Rajasthan moved threateningly towards Dwivedi. The Congress leader stood up and held him by his hand, while other journalists pounced on him and roughed him up, creating chaos for a few minutes.

Dwidevi said that what he wanted to say but held himself back was proved by the micreant's behaviour. The party is coming round to the view that there is a diabolical right-wing conspiracy to destabilse the Congress-led UPA government.

Interestingly, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee came to party office on May 13, the day assembly election results were announced had asked the opposition parties to desist from destablising the government and wait for the next Lok Sabha election in 2014.

Party's senior leader Digvijay Singh has been harping on the right-wing conspiracy, especially one masterminded by the Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for quite sometime, and which many of the Congress diehards ardently believe. The Ramdev episode has made the theory plausible, with his saffron followers milling around him though the yoga teacher has been denying loudly that he has nothing to do with the RSS.

But the party's dilemma remains. The government has not made any statement on the Ramdev eviction issue on Monday and it was apparent that the party leaders were at a loss to explain the situation in which the party and government find themselves in.

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