Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Munde issue hangs in balance

Party sources say crisis not over

New Delhi: The Gopinath Munde issue is testing the political managerial skills of the BJP leaders. The deputy leader of the party in Lok Sabha and a senior leader from Maharashtra is disgruntled and he has been in the capital to meet the top brass. The party wants to sort out his grievances, though the sources say that the issues he he has raised are based on rather small matters. But they willing to humour and cajole him, and finally hope to mollify him.

The good offices and counsel of Arun Jaitley, senior leader and leader of opposition Rajya Sabha, who is now vacationing in London are being made use of through contstant telephonic consultations.

BJP leader and spokesperson Shah Nawaz Husain said, “Gopinath Munde dilli aaye, apni baat rakhi, baat-cheet huee hain... sakaratmak hain (Gopinath Munde has come to Delhi, he presented his case, there were talks. The outcome will be constructive and positive)”.

But party sources are nor ruling out that it is too early to say that the Munde crisis is over. They are only hoping that they will be able to mollify his hurt sentiments. Apparently, his daughter and his niece – Pramod Mahajan's daughter – have also been meeting the top party leaders making the case for Munde. The party finds itself in an embarrassing position, and the leaders are not making any effort to hide it.

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