Tuesday, June 07, 2011

UPA wriggles its way out of civil society clutches

Sibal implies that Ramdev episode cannot be used as a stick to beat the govt

New Delhi: Union minister for human resources development and one of the key members of the Lokpal commitee comprising the government's representatives and the Anna Hazare team has ticked off the Hazare and Shanti Bhushan for raising issues 'extraneous” to the drafting of the Lokpal bill. Sibal had serious objections to the letter written by Shanti Bhushan.

The government has at last found a perfect pretext to wirggle its way out of the clutches of civil society activists. Anna Hazare and his associates had boycotted the meeting oof the Lokpal drafting committee on Monday.

Sibal had said that it was wrong of the Hazare team to write threatening letters and take up a confrontational attitude and what should be an internal discussion of the committee should not be made public. He said this is not the way a bill is drafted or can be drafted.

Sibal wants to keep the Lokpal bill and the Ramdev episode in separate watertight compartments. Hazare and his team have reacted strongly to the forceful eviction of Ramdev from the Ramlila grounds on Sunday morning.

This would not in any way take away from the image loss that the government has suffered in the last few days, but it has saved itself from future impasse.

It is clear that the government's strategy is to keep the drafting of the Lokpal bill and the Ramdev episode in separate, watertight compartments. He said that what had happened at the Ramlila ground has no bearing on the drafting of the Lokpal bill.

Sibal implies that Anna Hazare and his associates cannot use the Ramdev episode as a stick to beat the government.

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