Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Delhi's Wednesday blast: Serious questions remain 10 years after September 11, 2001

Terrorists, whoever they are, whatever their ideology or business, must be grinning grimly at the havoc they wreak every time they strike. These terrorists do not seem to have the focused target and goal like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) had. IRA was for bringing Northern Ireland into Ireland, and the LTTE wanted a Tamil homeland. Even the Sikh terrorists in the 1980s were pursuing the chimera of Khalistan. The Kurdish bombers knew what they wanted, as did the Basque terrorist organisation, ETA. What are these terrorists looking for? There is no obvious reason. To say that they want some sort of a revival of a Caliphate or some such impossible thing does not make sense. There is nothing to motivate them or keep them going.
It seems more likely that these are mercenaries, and they are playing their role in some bigger game, more like soldiers/pawns. Who is providing them the arms? Who is financing their training camps? They are not doing it all their own. Somewhere, somehow the background players have to come on stage. This could be seen in Algeria in the 1990s, in Libya and in Syria in the last few weeks. There were similar aborted attempts in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power. And then there is the classic example of Chechnya.
Sometime, somewhere the western powers have to own up to their machinations. Ten years after September 11, 2001, there is no need to trace the trail of money and arms to these terror players. And Islamism is a weak candidate for the bushfires of terrorism in Xinjiang and episodic events in India.

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