Thursday, September 01, 2011

Farooq Abdullah: Mein Narender Modi ki aankhon mein Allah ko dekhna chaahtaa hoon."

It is interesting that the Press Trust of India report of National Conference leader and Union minister for non-conventional energy Farookh Abdullah's speech at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad on August 25 was frontpaged in Hyderabad's Urdu daily, Siayasat. In that speech, the senior Abdullah was in his characteristically expansive rhetorical mode. In the Urdu translation of the PTI report it reads: Main Narender Modi ki aankhon mein Allah ko dekhna chaahta hoon. (I want to see Allah in the eyes of Narender Modi.) The controversial BJP chief minister was present on the occasion.

The PTI quotes Abdullah as saying: ""Farooq Abdullah ne kaha ke UPA aur BJP ko mil kar kaam karna chaahiye. Unhon ne kaha, "khuda mandir mein nahin hain.woh aapke andar rehtaa hain."Unhon ne haazreen se khitaab karte hue kaha ke "jis din aap apne khuda ko pehchaan lenge us din mere Khuda aur aap ke Bhagwan mein aap koi farq nahin kar sakenge." unhon ne kaha ke woh ye kehna chaahte hain ke Raam sirf Hinduon ke Raam nahin hain. woh saari duniya ke Raam hain.aur agar woh agar saari duniya ke Raam hai toh woh sirf Narender Modi ke Raam hain balki Farooq Abdullah ke bhi Raam hain. Unhon ne kaha ke Allah bhi sab kaa hain. agar woh mera Khuda hain toh woh phir Modi ka bhi Khuda hain. Unhon ne kaha ke woh apni zindagi mein aisa din dekhna chhaahte hain jab woh Modi ki aankhon mein dekhein toh unhein apna Allah us mein nazar aaye aur jab kabhi Modi un (Abdullah) ki aankhon mein toh unhein apna Bhagwan nazar aaye. naujawaanon se khitaab karte hue Mister Farooq Abdullah ne kaha ke jab tak Hindustan mein mazhab maujood hai koi bhi is mulk ko shikast nahin de saktaa aur ye mulk naee bluandiyon tak pahunchegaa."(Farood Abdullah said the UPA and BJP should work together. He said, "Khuda is not in the mandir. He lives inside you. Addressing the guests he said, "The day you recognise your Khuda that day you will not find a difference between my Khuda and your Bhagwan." He said what he wanted to say was that Ram does not belong to Hindus alone. He is Ram for the whole world. And if he is the Ram of the whole world, he is also the Ram of Farooq Abdullah. He said Allah too belongs to everyone, and if he is my Khuda then he is Modi's Khuda as well. He said that in his lifetime he wants to see the day when I would see Allah in Modi's eyes and when Modi looks into his (Abdullah's) eyes he will find his Bhagwan. Addresssing the youth, Mr Farooq Abdullah said that as long as religion exists in Hindustan, this country cannot be defeated and this country will scale new peaks.)
This might be seen as a rhetorical excess but there might be a political message here, and this is far more important that his son and Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah;s tweet on Afzal Guru issue.

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