Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unscrupulous US government armtwists Al Jazeera

The replacement of Al Jazeera news director Wadah Khanfar with a member of Qatar royal family, according to a New York Times report, is due to the fact Khanfar was forced by US intelligence officials to tailor news and Khanfar had apparently agreed to do so. Certainly, the Qatar government must have been in the know, being a close ally of the US.
The question is the shameful behaviour of the US government with all its rhetoric of democracy and freedom of the press, which it preaches to non-western countries. Americans, officials and others, must indeed hang their heads in shame at this interference in a news organisation of another country.
Of course, governments are always unscrupulous and there is no reason to expect that the American government would be any different. But every time governments, any government anywhere, tries to manipulate the press, it should be shamed in public.

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