Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BJP wants to tango with Left, Left does not like to be seen doing that

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and senior Rajya Sabha member S.S.Ahluwalia said that there was an informal understanding that the opposition parties will adopt a common strategy in nailing the UPA government on the issues of price rise and that of black money stashed away in foreign bank accounts.

It was decided that since senior party leader L.K.Advani's Jan Chetna Yatra dealt with corruption and black money, the BJP would move the adjournment motion on black money while the Left parties would move the adjournment motion on price rise. The BJP had agreed to support the Left's adjournment motion, and even the issue came up for discussion in parliament in any other form.

A CPI-M leader speaking on condition of anonymity gingerly said that there was a convergence of perceptions on the part of BJP and the Left, and that it was but natural that all the opposiiton parties should have the common goal of nailing the government's follies.

But the CPI wants to tread a different path, distancing itself as it were from its other ideological enemy -- the BJP. Gurudas Das Gupta said that his party would move an adjournment motion on the issue of black money and was angry when asked if it was being done in cooperation with the BJP. He shot back and said there can be two separate adjournment motions.

There was a similar testy response from a BJP leader when he was asked if there was a pre-session strategy meeting about corroboration between the Left and the BJP. He said, "You next question would be as to when the meeting took place." He said these things emerge informally and there was no need for agreements and signatures on a legal document.

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