Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yashwant Sinha says BJP boycott of Chidambaram will not scuttle session

Senior BJP leader and former finance minister in Vajpayee government Yashwant Sinha asserted that he was 200 per cent sure that home minister P.Chidambaram was guilty of wrongdoing in the 2G spectrum allocation. But he said that boycotting Chidambaram would not affect the working of parliament.

Another senior party leader in parliament speaking on condition of anonymity said that other debates on important issues will go on, and they -- the BJP members -- will heckle or walk out of the House when Chidambaram stood up to speak.

He said that it was indeed a riposte to what the Congress had done to then defense minister George Fernandes after the tehelka.com defense deals expose through a sting operation. He said there was not much substance in the allegations against Fernandes whereas there was solid evidence of the involvement of Chidambaram.

The senior leader had however agreed that Chidambaram was forced to change his stance about allocation of spectrum because he was anxious about his seat in Sivaganga and he had to compromise with the DMK. 'Whatever his political complusion, he has not later given a proper explanation as to why he changed his stance," the BJP leader commented.

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