Friday, December 30, 2011

Congress wants to play the martyr on Lokpal

Ministers P.Chidambaram, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ambika Soni and minister of state Pawan Bansal argued that it was the BJP which was the villain in the Lokpal drama in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday night. Congress has every right to blame the BJP, and there are enough reasons to blame the BJP. The problem with the BJP is that it too wants the silly Lokpal -- and what is Lokpal but an infantile idea of a retarded political class abetted by a brainless civil society groups -- idea.

All that the BJP was objecting to was in the form it was brought. The fight between the Congress and the BJP is not about principle but about details. Congress says that the details of their beill are good enough and BJP disagrees. This is also the position of the CPI and CPI-M. All of them -- the Congress, the BJP and the communists -- are one in their hollow rant for bringing in the Lokpal. The only sensible parties are the Shiv Sena, the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Samajwadi Party in that order. The Shiv Sena, despite odious fascist ideology, is very clear on the issue of why it does not want the anti-corruption ombudsman.

It was naive on the party of seasoned and cynical Congress leaders to believe that the BJP would cooperate with the ruling party in passing a crucial bill the credit for which will be grabbed by the Congress. The truth is that the Congress should not have brought the bill in the first place, especially when it knew it did not have the numbers for a constitutional amendment bill. But then Congress and BJP have every right to play their narrow politics and pretend that they are standing for larger national interests. That is called politics as usual.

The bad faith of the Congress is shown by the fact that they should have prolonged an inconclusive debate till the midnight hour on Wednesday, and that they should have even extended the winter session of parliament by three days with the sole intention of pushing the bill through. It would not have been possible to pass an important bill like this without proper deliberation. This was the ulterior motive of Congress to move a bill which they knew was not going to go through.

Chidambaram said that a bill that was passed in Lok Sabha was expected to be passed in Rajya Sabha without much ado. He does not seem to have realised that the Opposition did not move all the amendments in Lok Sabha because they did not have the numbers in the Lower House and they had the edge in Rajya Sabha.

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