Friday, March 30, 2012

Hema Malini's dignified farewell speech in Rajya Sabha

Hema Malini stuck a philosophical note in her fareweel speech on Friday. She said that she was once the No 1 heroine in the film industry, and that as time passed things changed and there was another No 1. She said that there is nothing permanent in life, and that though she was attached to Rajya Sabha she is aware that things have to change.
She said that India is a land "sant, muni and rishi" and that it is a country of culture and heritage. She said that it was a leanring experience to be in Rajya Sabha, how questions were raised, issues were discussed and problems solved. She admitted that she did not paritcipate in the debates but she learnt a lot.
She thanked her party, the BJP, the members, the staff and employees of Rajya Sabha. She said that many members told her that she would be missed.
With a radiant smile and a calm tone she spoke with sweet clarity.
Hema Malini is an epitome of dignity of and Indian woman.

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