Thursday, April 05, 2012

BJP accepts govt's denial of coup story

Talks of guarding against 'sponsored story'

New Delhi: BJP's chief spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad, accepting the Government's and Army's denial of the Indian Express story about troop movement hinting at a possible coup, alerted “We must ensure that there is no room for, no apprehension of, any sponsored story”. When reporters pressed Prasad to elaborate on what he meant by the phrase 'sponsored story', he just said that he said what he wanted to and that he chose his words with care.

Prasad said that as main opposition party, found the government's and army's 'assurance' sufficient. “Once the Government and Army have denied it, as the main Opposition party, we are accepting it,” Prasad announced. He also said, “Let me clarify – assurance in the context of the news item.”

Prasad reiterated that the army is one of the important institutions and it was placed under the civilian authority and that this should be respected. “The equilibrium between army and civil authority must be re-established,” he said. He has however said that the 'relationship between army and the political class at an all-time low. The UPA has messed up things and this is a matter of concern Army has become a victim.”

The government's ability to deal with issues leaves much to be desired and that this was not in the national interest, he observed. “We expect Government to be pro-active. The Prime Minister should take a proactive role,” he asserted. He noted the fact that the prime minister has managed to speak a few words.

The BJP has been caught in a dilemma on what has been emerged in the last few days as to what General V.K.Singh had said in an interview and in his letter to the prime minister which came into public domain and with regard to the Tatra truck deal. But on Wednesday, the BJP has come out clearly in favour of the government and army version, instead of demanding clariifcations or a probe into the whole issue of a potential coup arising out the movement of an armoured and a paratrooper column. The main opposition party has made it clear that it would not use a sensitive security issue as a stick to beat the government.

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