Monday, May 21, 2012

Parliamentary panel wants Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to be brought under a separate statute

Shantaram Naik, member of Rajya Sabha from Goa and chairman of the standing committee on personnel and training and law and justice said on Monday that in its 51st and 52nd reports, the committee had recommended that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should be brought under an Act of parliament so that it becomes accountable to the legislature on the lines of the National Investigation Agency Act 2010. At the moment, the CBI is a creature of Delhi Special Police Establishment Act.
He has also said that the committee recommended that the practice of manning the CBI with officers on deputation should end and that the investigation agency should have its own trained personnel.  The committee did not accept the argument that manning the CBI with officers deputed from the states is a way of maintaining the federal visage of the agency. The committee felt that deputation should be strictly on the basis of merit.
He said that there were 855 vacancies in the CBI, and that it not good for the efficiency of the investigation agency.  The committee "fails to understand how, the country's premier investigating agency, whose mandate has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the recent years, can be expected to function efficiently and keep up with the high expectations placed on it by the public, judiciary and legislature, with such a large shortfall of manpower on several important posts."

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