Monday, May 14, 2012

Tharoor wants parliament to go to Bengaluru

New Delhi: Congress’ Shashi Tharoor, the first time MP from Tiruvananthapuram and eloquent debater, mooted the idea that parliament session should be for a few days in a place like Bengaluru, so that parliament goes to people and they do not always have to come to Delhi to see how the parliament functions. He was speaking for the Congress on the 60th anniversary of the first session of Lok Sabha.
BJP’s senior leader Jaswant Singh in a more serious tone talked of the need to reflect on “moral infrastructure” and the need to rediscover “ethics of democracy”. He said from the early days when he came to the House and the heroes who participated in the freedom movement who were there in House, said “I deeply miss the element of the heroic”. He spoke of the need to redefine federalism because violating the federal structure would be putting pressures on the “nation’s sinews”.
DMK’s T.K.Elangovan recalled that when the C.N.Annadurai, the party’s founding leader, wanted an assurance that Hindi will not be imposed on non-Hindi states and that English would continue as a link language, prime minister Nehru made the assurance. Annadurai said a statement made in the House by the prime minister or by a minister was as good as law and there was no need for separate legislation.

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