Monday, May 21, 2012

Vicky Donor a triumph of good story-telling, a subtle mix of humour and pathos

Here is a crass subject as T.S.Eliot the puritan would have put it. Director Shoojit Sircar handles it with a certain elegance and wit, tells a story and puts in enough humour and pathos not just to make it convincing but also to hold the attention of the viewers.  Delhi has become the favourite of the so-called new wave of Hindi cinema, where the streets and culture and social stereotypes are given full play. For example, Sircar sets up a delightful culture war between Punjabis and Bongs (Bengalis) through the clash between the families of Vicky Arora of Lajpat Nagar and Ashima Roy of C.R.Park. He plays out the social conflict between the two groups in a straight fashion that is rather bracing.

Anu Kapoor as the infertility doctor Balwant Chadha gives a memorable performance. Ayushman Khurrana who plays the role of Vicky gives a fine performance. Yami Gautam from Chandigarh has been convincingly turned out as a credible Bengali character Ashima. Both Khurrana and Gautam give their roles an emotional authenticity.
The subject in the hands of a director from any of the southern languages would have made it rather vulgar and heavy-handed in its focus on the message of the theme in an attempt to justify the subject on crass terms. Sircar avoids the pitfalls admirably in such a manner that the film is for family viewing.

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