Monday, August 20, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger: He is dignified, she is enchanting

After the troubling, dark and technically competent "New York"which featured Katrina Kaif along with John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh, comes a serious film -- this would offend the serious sensibilities of many discerning filmviewers -- "Ek Tha Tiger" about spies from India and Pakistan being drawn to each other picturesque Dublin and falling in love. Kabir Khan is the director of the two movies. Salman as Manish Chandra represents RAW and Katrina Kaif as Zoya Pakistan's ISI. This is a serious film because it is loaded with the message that the wars -- espionage -- between the two countries is downright silly.  He does not however show that the jobs being carried out by RAW and ISI are any less serious and that the lives of those engaged in it is at stake. As a matter of fact, the lives of Manish and Zoya are at stake as well. But there is no emotional melodrama.  Hindi films have become Hollywoodised in the story-telling and in the expression of emotions. See the picturisation of the most popular song at the very end when the credits are going across in the manner of "Jai Ho" in "Slumdog Millionaire".

The film is loaded with saucy romance and James Bond-type stunts, which are pleasing to the eye. Love is interspersed with shoot-outs in Dublin, Istanbul and Havana. At times it might remind you a little of "Quantum of Solace"where Daniel Craig plays Bond with a straight face and wee bit of emotion. That is exactly what Salman Khan does in this film. He looks his age, he is restrained in his acting. It is intriguing as to why critics do not give him his due as an actor.My friends, Chandrika Mago and Bhavdeep Kang, are of the view that Kaif is a single expression actress, who makes do with that self-same expression in all situations. Perhaps the issue is that the impact she makes is through her laconic lines which she delivers in a clipped English accent which is absolutely charming. She exudes the sublime sensuality of a Spanish enchantress and the ethereal and marmoreal aloofnesss of a Greek goddess. But she does not emote, say my friends. Khan and Kaif express their romantic feelings for each other in a very understated way. 


Ramachandra Parsa ( Parsa V R Rao ) said...

A very professional Review, I must say. Good.
I am glad Salman is noticed in this film for his Restrained and Polished acting. Katrina does Emote and her anglicised Hindi is improving with every film. In this it looks and sounds enjoyable.
Three Cheers to the Director Kabir Khan. Good job, Kabir, keep it up.

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