Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur2 succeeds, gets the hang of the tale

If Manoj Bajpai is the key to Gangs of Wasseypur1, whose characterisation  of Sardar Khan remained nebulous despite his good performance, Naziuddin is the key to Gangs of Wasseypur2. As Faisal the younger son of Sardar Khan, he manages to pull the character out of the haziness of a drug addict to the haziness of violence, which follows a logical pattern. His father's and brother's deaths had to be avenged. And later that of his youngest brother. What makes Faisal interesting is the fact he is a reluctant gangster, who prefers the easy joys of life that the drugs offer, but he shows a steely nerve to fight the battle into which he is thrown.
What director Anurag Kashyap tries to show is the most unlikely gangster of all, a skeleton-like figure who would not survive. But it is a well-known fact that it is the daredevil and not the man of muscle who rules the underworld, a chap who combines a certain wiliness and an unrelenting and unforgiving streak of violence. What makes Faisal still an intriguing character is the fact that he is the chap who sees even when he is neck-deep in a violent world that that is what his life is not meant to be. It is this scene where his wife played well by Huma Qureshi tries to console him where Faisal shows that he does not belong to the world of guns and gore into which he has been pushed.

The telling of the story still remains unsatisfactory. The frames lack clarity. There is a tendency to either make the scene too crowded or to make it tendentious. But the cast of characters fall in place, the new ones make their entry and the lanes and by-lanes are now a familiar sight. But there is still no resonance. Kashyap wants to keep the scenes as true as possible to a dirty north Indian small town and he gets it right as well. But the movie becomes tedious as he tries to document the nearly never-ending saga of killings.

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