Friday, October 05, 2012

The Arvind Kejriwal/Prashant Bhushan game: Playing dirty, with burning hatred in their hearts and with the hope of winning political jackpot

Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan are now politicians. They have announced the launching of a political party on October2, which happens to be Gandhi's birth anniversary. Gandhi has been the idol of mavericks in this country and elsewhere. The party's name will be announced on November 26, the birth anniversary of B.R.Ambedkar. The symbolism is not to be missed. But Kejriwal and Bhushan have done something on October 5 which would shame Gandhi and Ambedkar. They stooped in the hope of winning the political laurel. Their aim was to attack Congress president Sonia Gandhi because the BJP's attempts to smudge the image of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh do not seem to have fetched results. Kejriwal and Bhushan seem to have felt that they can do one better than the BJP, and attack Sonia Gandhi. The Congress president is a fair target for any political rival. One would have expected them to criticise Sonia Gandhi on ideological grounds and for surrounding herself with corrupt people. They could have done something more as well. They could have accused her of being corrupt herself. But they did not do it directly. They picked out the business transactions of Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi and husband of Priyanka.
They have come up with documents from the Registrar of Companies'website, showing that the DLF, a realtor, has extended unusual favours to Robert Vadra, gave him a loan of interest-free Rs 65 crore loan, which he used to buy DLF properties which were given away to him at throw-away prices. The question being asked is: why did DLF favour Robert Vadra except for the fact that he is the son-in-law of the most important political family in the country. Kejriwal and Bhushan said that there should be a probe and that Vadra should be investigated for violating Prevention of  Corruption Act. This anti-graft law applies only to a "public servant" including MPs, ministers and officials. Now, Vadra is not a public servant. It will be argued that he was related to a public servant, no public servants, that is Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. It does not hold. Only Sonia and Rahul can be held under the anti-graft law and not Vadra. So, it is clear that the aim is to tarnish the image of Sonia Gandhi. But they could have done it honestly and boldly, saying that Sonia Gandhi is corrupt. Vadra is a mere pawn. It is tempting to believe that Kejriwal and Bhushan are the front for the BJP and RSS, and that they are in it to help the BJP. But this will be difficult to prove with hard evidence even as Kejriwal and Bhushan will have to find hard legal evidence to prove Sonia Gandhi is corrupt. Both DLF and Vadra are private entities, and the corruption they indulge in will be hard to punish unless it is proven that they received favours from the Congress governments in Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan. Charges can be filed and investigation carried on, but proving the point convincingly in a court of law is another matter. Then they will say that there are too many loopholes in the law and the corrupt can get away. Kejriwal has already made the incredulous claim that had there been a Jan Lokpal in place this would not have happened.
Every individual, including  Kejriwal and Bhushan, have a right to make allegations against anyone and everyone. There are quite a few professionals in this business in the country and they can join in too. But members of a political party wanting to change the country and get rid of corruption cannot start with Vadra and DLF, and not another active politician and another corporate house. They have chosen their target carefully. They want to make an impact in the political arena by targeting Sonia Gandhi. This is cunning at its best, but it also points to low political moral fibre. This is playing dirty with a lofty aim.
Kejriwal and Bhushan represent that raging lower middle class which hates successful people, rich people, powerful people under the guise of morality. There is the venom of the zealots in their pursuit of the wrongdoers. What burns in their hearts is hatred for the wrongdoer, and they will not rest until the sinner is crucified. It is a familiar phenomenon: political talibanism.
Kejriwal and Bhushan are now truly part of the political circus of vituperation.


Mahendra said...

I am not surprised at the absence of any comment, 10 days after this blog was posted. It is flowing against the current mood. Perhaps, those who join the vituperative debate in other media and forums, have chosen to keep quiet, either out of respect for Parsa, or perhaps, -- and I do hope I am right here -- they realise that Parsa's point of view, although politically 'incorrect' in the current times, is more right than they would care to admit.
Yes, indeed, our public discourse -- already vitiated by the political class, and now hijacked by powerful sections of the media, and the self-righteous middle class that thinks it is blameless even as it blames everyone else -- has reached a low level. The worst is yet to come.

But does anyone care?

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