Sunday, November 18, 2012

'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' an adult love story and that is why many viewers did not like it so much

The love story that Yash Chopra tried to tell was a little beyond mere romance. Admitting that you love somebody is the most difficult thing to do, and it is this Yash Chopra captures fully and beautifully in the characters in his films, especially this last film. It is the complexity of this human emotion that this film takes pains to visualise and succeeds. Meera, played by Katrina Kaif,is drawn to the song that Samar, played by Shah Rukh Khan, sings and then to him.
She walks and runs into the web of love bringing with her her own complex emotional baggage of a broken family. Chopra leaves these moments of feeling and realisation alone, without taking them forward or even linking them to other feelings. When Meera meets her estranged mother, played not so well by the talented Neetu Singh, and her love, played with a bit of exaggeration by Rishi Kapoor,she learns a lesson that one has no control over the events of life. What looks on the face of it as the incongruity and the improbability of the narrative underlines only this: life does not move according to plan, at least not always.
The introduction of Akira, played by Anushka Sharma, adds the new dimension that the stories of individuals do not end with themselves but they are passed on to others through quirks and coincidences and that this very act of transmission of the love story of a pair becomes the web of another story. Akira learns the tale of Meera and Samar and becomes part of their love story. Chopra captures beautifully and tenderly the moments of rapport between Meera and Samar through the dance-and-song sequences, and those between Akira and Samar in the bare plateau and the blue waters in Ladakh. The location becomes part of the emotional scene of the protagonists. There are also the emotionally tense scenes between Meera and Akira which Chopra gets it so right. Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma are not great actresses but the scene is so emotionally rich that they are transformed and give out their best.
Chopra's other admirable quality is that his sense of the moment. He tells the ancient love story of the hearts in the new idiom. It comes through the song and dance in the relationship between Meera and Samar, and it comes through bonhomie and banter in the friendship between Akira and Samar. It has to be conceded that Shah Rukh Khan does give credence to the roles he plays in spite of the fact that he is not a likeable actor like Salman Khan. This film may not appeal to young people looking for action but some of the young people while walking out of Plaza movie hall at Connaught Place in New Delhi on November 17, 2012 could not remain indifferent and some of them seem to have been moved as well.

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