Sunday, February 09, 2014

Seemandhra MPs determined to stall Telangana bill Congress puts the onus on BJP for pushing it through

New Delhi: Seemandhra MPs said that they would oppose the introduction of the Telagana Bill in Rajya as well as in Lok Sabha, that they would use every option including that of stalling the proceedings of the two houses. This was the response of the Seemandhra MPs to the cabinet decision approving the bill for the formation of Telangana.
A senior Congress member of Rajya Sabha speaking on condition of anonymity expressed anger and disappointment that the cabinet refused to accept the suggestion of making Hyderabad a Union territory (UT). “The government has refused to make Hyderabad UT. It is not acceptable to us,”he said. It seemed that the bifurcation of the state was not so much an issue as the status of Hyderabad where Andhra investments amounting to thousands of crores, including the Telugu film industry located in the state capital, is at stake.
Telangana MPs on the other hand were quite confident that there is no way that the Andhra legislators can any more obstruct the formation of Telangana. Asked if the passage of the bill through parliament would be difficult, the Telangana MPs did not express apprehension that the bill could fall through at this stage.
A senior Union cabinet minister speaking on condition of anonymity tried to place the onus of the passing the bill on the main opposition party, the BJP which has been quite vocal in its support for Telangana. The minister said that the time is now for the BJP to prove its sincerity of intention with regard to formation of Telangana.
But the BJP members have already indicated that their support for the bill will depend on the provisions contained in it, and that they would be amendments on issues which they feel are important. The BJP has made it clear that its support for the bill is dependent on the the provisions of the bill and on its amendments being accepted.
The BJP does find itself in a bind because it does not want to oppose the Telangana bill because it does not want to be seen as opposing it. At the same time it would not want the Congress to get away with the credit of having formed Telangana. The BJP is of the view that it will not be possible for the government to introduce the bill because the Andhra MPs would not let it happen.
The BJP says that it would pass the Telangana bill within 100 days of forming government after the elections, and that it hopes to make Telangan a reality by September 17, the day Police Action took place in the state of Hyderabad and it merged with the Indian Union.
The two major parties, the Congress and the BJP, are hoping that the other would be the guilty party on the issue of passing the Telangana bill.

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