Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BJP poll anthem penned by Prasoon Joshi, enacted by Narendra Modi

New Delhi: The BJP has found a leader in PM candidate Narendra Modi,and Modi's and BJP's campaign creative team has come up with an anthem, written by lyricist and ad copy writer Prasoon Joshi and sung by Sukhwinder Sigh. Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha candidate in Amritsar Arun Jaitley released the anthem CD and DVD to the media.

The song number with the lead line "Main desh nahin jhukne doonga" and recurring refrain of "main desh nahin mitne doonga" attempts to pull the heartstrings based on the rousing words of old Bollywood patriotic roundelays. Writer Prasoon Joshi of course does not touch the sublime heights of Sahir Ludhianvi, Kaifi Azmi, Shakeel Badayuni, Bharat Vyas or Prem Dhawan, but manages to come with a workable poll song.

The four stanza song dwells on the call of the country and the "enemies" who are keeping it in darkness and despair. The first stanza says, "meri dharti mujh se poochch rahee, / kab mera karz chukaaoge/ mera ambar mujh se poochch raha/kab apna farz nibhaaoge/maine vachan diya bharat maa ko/tera sheesh nahin jhukne doonga.../" (The land is asking me, when will discharge your obligation/And the sky is demanding/ When will you keep your word/I have given my word to Mother India/ I will not let her head bow")

The song sung in a semi-rap mode punctuating by Modi uterring the phares,"main desh nahin juhke doonga" and "main desh nahi mitne doonga".

To the queries from the media as to the enemy who wants to subjugate India or destroy India, Jaitley answer was a smile.

The song is a reminder of the aggressive campaign that the Congress under Rajiv Gandhi had unleashed in the 1984 Lok Sabha election, where the country was shown facing the enemy all around. It was negative campaigning at its best, where anxiety and fear were evoked. The BJP anthem refers to the enemy too, in verse form which is more serious than any advertising jingle but the advertising intent is writ large in every line.

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