Friday, April 04, 2014

Global media curious to know Modi, the man and his politics

New Delhi: BJP is quite satisfied with the fact that the global media is watching the 2014 Lok Sabha election with the same kind of interest as it does an American presidential election. And as in the case of the American election where the focus in on the presidential candidate, the media is displaying extraordinary curiosity about BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi. It is this fact that is gratifying to the party.

According to sources, journalists from various regions revealed the interests of the particular countries and regions they represented. And almost all of them were keen to know what India would do in terms of economic relations, whether it would allow greater investment from their countries or not, and whether the new government will open up the economy and what are prospects of particular sectors. Some of the European Union (EU) countries journalists as well as those from south-east Asian region were interested in the automotive sector.

It would appear that the EU journalists were looking forward to a bigger role that India could play in the revival of the Western economy still in the process of the recovering from the 2008-09 recession.

The other curious aspect was that journalists from Australia and Japan were keen to know about India's view on the strategic interests in the region, especially in Indian Ocean and specifically in South China Sea. What they were keen to know whether India would be part of the trio – India, Japan and Australia – in containing China.

Interestingly, the Chinese media representatives have been interacting with Modi for quite some time now and they feel quite at home with the BJP's PM candidate. Unlike their Western counterparts, they did not keep away from Modi because of the 2002 Gujarat riots.

African journalists who have been writing about Modi are keen to know whether India will play the role of a facilitator in the continent's economic development, whether Indian companies and government would invest in African industry and agriculture, whether India would build hospitals and airports in their countries.

It seems that the BJP and Modi are enjoying a euphoric rapport with the global media, and their fear of ostracisation which looked so real post-2002 Gujarat riots have now become a thing of the past, a nightmare that has passed.

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