Friday, April 04, 2014

Modi manifesto ready, BJP's getting final touches Modi for quadrilateral of bullet trains, indigenous arms manufacture to boost economy, armies of techies to fight cyberwars

New Delhi: BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi seems to have a pretty clear idea as what he wants to do if he wins in May and his party manages to form a NDA government. His manifesto is ready even though that of his party is still being given the ritualistic final touches. The party's manifesto will have the Modi stamp, but he is not waiting for the collective document.

It is surprising that with the first phase of the election to begin on April 7, barely four days away, the BJP, which is staking all to be the next ruling party, has not yet made public its manifesto. The buzz is that Modi has asked the manifesto committee led by Murli Manohar Joshi to make changes but no one really knows.

There are two official versions. First, that of Ravi Shankar Prasad. He said a few days ago that the the presence of MNodi, party president Rajnath Singh, other senior leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley is needed for the release of the manifesto, and the dates are being worked out because all of these leaders are on campaign trail. The second is that Prakash Javadekar, who had said that the manifesto will be relased according to the time table.

The new BJP regime does not allow any squeals or squeaks and information is hermetically sealed, which leaves only rumours and speculation to do the rounds.

There is no doubt that the BJP manifesto when it is released will bear his stamp and reflect his ideas.

Meanwhile, Modi's ideas and his informal manifesto can be seen on the party's website,, under the heading of Core Issues. There are couple of cookies here, two of them specifically Modi-oriented. They are called ModiMantra, Vision of Modi. Even the Security cookie carries clear Modi ideas.

First, the ModiMantra. Two major ideas that are spelled out in this section, one, surpisingly, concerning railways, and the other about electricity.

If Vajpayee had planned and made a success of the Golden Quadrilateral of roads, Modi wants to create the quadrilateral of bullet trains, apart from building new railway lines.

The second important aspect has to do with electricity for all, 24x7. This is an idea that the Congress party has included in its manifesto, but Modi can claim to have been the first to do so. He is drawing from his Gujarat model as well as from Shivraj Singh Chaihan's Madhya Pradesh Model.

One of the two issues that Vision of Modi spells out Brand India is under five Ts – talent, trade, tradition, tourism, technology.

The second is the seven-point Rainbow of India which includes culture, youth power, empwoerment of women, agriculture, natural resources, democracy and knowledge.

Under the rubric of Security, the ideas that are put forward are very Modi-like. It is argued, “India needs to cut down its excessive reliance on foreign arms manufacturers and focus its energies on indigenisation and becoming a manufacturer of technologies and equipment that can be used by our military. Not only will this effort save us crucial foreign exchange but also lead to generation of millions of jobs that will act as a booster for the Indian economy.”

The other major issue to prepare for the futuristic cyberwars. It speaks of preparing armies of young techies who will protect national assets in the virtual world. It sets out the problem and the plan:
“India also needs to prepare itself for the future wars that will be fought in the virtual world. This is an area of concern for India, which, despite its undisputed leadership in the IT and services sector, hasn’t been able to keep pace with developments in other countries. We need to hire, train and prepare ‘armies’ of such young Indians who will ensure safety of our assets in the virtual world.”

And this is also seen as a factor that will keep the economy on the growth path.

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