Thursday, May 22, 2014

BJP waits for Modi to decide on cabinet

New Delhi: A senior BJP leader speaking on condition of anonymity expressed his dismay and irritation at the media speculation over who will be part of the new cabinet and who will get which portfolio. “Let him (prime minister-designate Narendra Modi) decide.” He also emphasised that Modi is consulting others but ultimately it is his decision.

Asked if the Modi government is going to be a presidential or a semi-presidential style of government, he said that the new government will be a PMO-driven one. He cited Modi’s meeting with the cabinet secretary and how he wanted a report on what was wrong with the recent decisions of the government. There was the clear implication that the administration will be run by the bureaucrats and overseen by the prime minister.

He said the immediate task is the formation of government and that there is nothing for the party to do immediately. “What the party has to do will be decided later,” he said.

Another former member of the parliament (MP) said that the role of the party now that there is a BJP-led NDA government would be to prepare itself to fight state assembly and local body elections as and when they take place. The party will also serve as a bridge between the government and the people, conveying to the people the programmes of the government and give the people’s feedback to the government.

He was responding to the query whether the BJP would slide into the background with a BJP government in place. He said that the party has work to do even after the massive and dramatic victory in the Lok Sabha election.

It is possible that Modi would like to exercise control over the party and he would want the organisation to have its ear to the ground which will help the government to track the mood of the people.

Party spokespersons are not too keen to express their views on record. They are not in the loop as it were and they do not not know either about the consultations that Modi and party president Rajnath Singh are holding, nor about the likely decisions. The only certainty is “Modi will decide”.

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