Monday, May 19, 2014

Gadkari to join govt, Rajnath to stay back in party Talent hunt on in BJP

New Delhi: The BJP is in a strange new situation, something which it has not faced ever before. It is a party which has a simple majority on its own and an absolute majority along with the NDA. The challenges it poses is this: It has to find the talent to run the government, to formulate policy on its own.
The official response of the BJP members is that the party is brimful of talents, and that as a matter of fact it is not in a position to make use of all the talent that is available. A senior leader of the party said that 20 per cent of the office-bearers in the party will be drafted into the government, and the rest will be filled from among the members of the party in parliament. He said that former party president Nitin Gadkari who has won the maiden Lok Sabha election from Nagpur will be part of the government, and that party president Rajnath Singh will remain in the organisation.
It is learnt that party elder L.K.Advani has agreed to take up the offer of the Speaker’s office in Lok Sabha and that the other senior leader Sushma swaraj will get one of the important portfolios in recognition of her position in the party and in parliament. Advani and Swaraj were seen as being outside the Modi charmed circile.
But the challenges of filling up cabinet positions is not solved with the reconciliation of Advani and Swaraj. A well placed RSS source speaking on condition of anonymity said that there is not enough talent in the party to meet the new challenge of running the government on its own. There are no credible names for the positions of finance, defence and home ministers, he said.
It is believed that as he had done in Gujarat, prime minister-designate Narendra Modi will induct experts from outside the political circles to run the important ministries. The source claimed that it is not enough to name an expert for a particular ministry but that it involved interacting with other political parties in parliament, and there are not many in the party and outside who can do it.
The official response to whether the RSS will play an advisory role in choosing the cabinet members is that the RSS will get back to its own work now that elections are over, and it will offer advice only when it is consulted. The off-the-record view is that the RSS will keep a constant vigil over the party and the government.
Many of the experts who will be inducted into the different spheres of government may not been too comfortable with the Hindutva ideology of RSS-BJP, and those who are the Hindutva ideologues are not in a position to handle the demands of the job in government. Modi will apparently opt for the outside expert to achieve targets and results, which is part of his successful Gujarat model of governance.

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