Monday, May 26, 2014

Strange statement sent by Nitesh Shukla to on the night of May 25, 2014, at about 11pm

Good beginning for transforming Entity of Assembled Ministries to Organic Ministries


The Prime Minister-designate Sh Narendra Modi has made a dent in formation of Ministries

For the first time, he adopted guiding principle of “Minimum Government and Maximum Governance” and also rationalization with a commitment to bring a change in the work culture and style of governance.

• It is a good beginning in transforming entity of assembled ministries to Organic Ministries. It will bring more coordination between different departments, will be more effective and bring a speed in process.

• The focus is on convergence in the activities of various Ministries where one cabinet Minister will be heading a cluster of Ministries who are working in complimentary sectors.

• Mr. Modi is eventually aiming at Smart Governance where the top layers of Government will be downsized and there would be expansion at the grass root level.

· Shri Narendra Modi is aware of the high expectations of the people. For whole four days, he was busy with the formation of Ministry and discussing various alternatives to effective governance, convergence and coordination between various ministries.

· Earlier, there was political instability and multi-party governments, the ministry formation was almost done in a bifurcated manner.

· Shri Narendra Modi tried in a rational manner to club like-minded departments in the ministry formation in such way to convert entity of assembled ministry to organic entity.

· He formed ministry using as an instrument to deal with challenges and expectation of people.

· Integrated and inter-connected nature of Governance is being focused in this new dent.

· He emphasized that the ministry can deliver , can govern and can a bring change in style of functioning .

· In the ministry formation, the process of development will be more inclusive than it has been.

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