Monday, June 09, 2014

Prakash Karat says CPI-M will initiate studies on the impact of liberalisation and neo-liberal policies on the outlook and values of the working class, the agrarian class and the middle class

CPI-M general secretary Prakash Karat is a much mocked, much reviled man in the left circles. But to an outsider who is not a leftist and who has no sympathy for leftist ideas, he shows a dogged defiance of everything that is going against him and the party. There is something quaintly heroic about it all. Yes, there is another name for it as well, quixotic. But the term quixotic does not really describe him or his party. Neither Karat nor the CPI-M are tilting against the windmills. They are fighting against real questions. Perhaps their answers are not adequate but their questions retain relevance.
At a press briefing today at the party office, A.K.Gopalan Bhavan, Karat sat alone and bravely put out the news of the party's polit bureau and central committee meetings which analysed the results of the elections.Here is what he said:

There was in-depth discussion and critical assessment of the poor performance of the party in the elections.

Polit Bureau and Central Committee have taken full responsibility.

The defeat is due to decline in the mass base of the party.

In West Bengal, we suffered a serious reverse.West Bengal committee gave a report on the reasons, discussed political and organisational issues. We have to defend and protect the party cadres.

In Tripuar, the CPI-M and Left Front have done spectacularly well.All candidates of all political parties lost their deposits.

In Kerala, LDF was able to improve its performance, winning 8 out 20 seats. But it is below the expectation of the party.

On the basis of the conclusions, it has been decided to

1. review the political line of the party, to examine it to see whether this is adequate, whether this has met the necessities of the situation,

2. Initiate studies on the impact of liberalisation and neo-liberal policies in the classes' outlook and values.

3. To arrive at correct slogans

4. Adopt a new politically correct line and tactic,

5. In-depth analysis of the functioning of the party

6. Revamping of the organisation.

On West Bengal situation, we discussed attacks on CPI-M and Left Front workers. Ten have been killed including women comrades.

As far as the new government is concerned, people expect it to address the burning problems.

In the short period the government has been in office, talk of abrogating Article 370 is disturning. It is a solemn commitment made in the Constituent Assembly. It will alienate the people.

There is a mood of triumphalism of Hindu extremists. We would like to stress the need to combat communal forms of all kinds.

Crime against women: The attitude of UP state government and law ministers of MP and Chhattisgarh.

Next central committee meeting in August.

In West Bengal, there was rigging, violence and intimidation. Rigging is not the sole reason for the defeat. Not able to recover lost ground after 2009 Lok Sabha election and 2011 assembly election.

We have underestimated the impact of the BJP and Modi campaign. Anti-TMC voters should have come to us but they have gone to BJP. BJP could effectively project Narendra Modi. There was systematic campaign by the RSS, door-to-door campaign.

So far we have assessed the impact of liberalisation piecemeal. We have to explain the changes in the attitudes of the working class, the agrarian class and the middle class caused by liberalisation.

Our tactics and slogans are lagging behind.

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