Thursday, November 20, 2014

Girls liked Gone Girl the most, and perhaps with good reason too. It's romantic and macabre

Gone Girl is a riveting film no doubt with its twists and turns, verging on the farcical one money, turning almost macabre at another, terse and long winded at the same time, and full of loopholes in the plot. But the pace of the movie is such that you do not have the time to notice the flaws until the nearly 2 hour 29 minute film climaxes to a treacly end. The dialogues are witty and mordant, the photography classical or nearly so.
Rosamund Pike gives the character of Amy Dunne, the porcelain character which is brittle, sharp and neurotic, who veers from the romantic, vulnerable woman to callous and murderous. Her acting is not so convincing as much as her ambiguous looks of a hard and tender woman. Ben Affleck is moving into the John Travolta phase of serious acting. Carrie Coon as Nick's (Affleck) sister and Kim Dickens as the detective give credible performances.
Gone Girl is a crazy Hollywood film which has everything thrown into it, and initially it carries echoes of Revolutionary Road, but we are soon disabused of the expectation of this being a serious, thought-provoking film. It settles into a mediocre thriller which holds your attention.


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