Tuesday, December 02, 2014

BJP's intimidatingly super-efficient propaganda machine. Membership stands at 4 crore; target: 10 crore

BJP rally at Gandhi Maidan, Patna

Minister of state for parliamentary affairs Rajiv Pratap Rudy briefed the media on Monday about the party's parliamentary party meeting, which was addressed by prime minister Narendra Modi, party president Amit Shah and parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu.
Naidu had complimented Modi for his successful visits abroad in the last six months. The party has brought out a booklet about the prime minister's foreign trips with the title, "Mission Overseas". Naidu had also "profusely applauded"foreign minister Sushma Swaraj for conducting foreign affairs so well.
Shah spoke about Delhi elections and the membership drive. There are supposed to be 2000 sittings and 225 BJP members of parliament have promised to participate in the campaign. He also spoke about what each member needs to do to "enhance" the membership drive.
Rudy informed that the BJP's membership at the moment is four crore -- and these are up for renewal -- and the party's target is to reach 10 crore.
The online membership between November 1 and December 1 touched 1.10 crore.
Rudy revealed that in Assam the daily intake of new members was 6000 to 7000, bu on the day Modi was in the state, the online membership touched the record figure of 48,900.
By April-May 2015, the BJP cadres will go and meet the newly enrolled members at their homes. And in August there will be a camp for the new members to make them understand how they can participate in party programmes.
The party also wants to celebrate Atal Bihari Vajpayee's birthday on December 25 as National Governance Day for all time to come. There will be seminars and meetings on the day.
Party MPs will go into a huddle to decide on the issues of Good Governance. They have been divided into three groups: 1. Members who have served three terms; 2. members with two terms; 3. and those who have served a single term.
Ananth Kumar and Rudy are heading the core committee which will meet the MPs to decide on the celebrations.

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