Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nehru asked for Rajiv’s horoscope to be prepared: Venkaiah Naidu

Nehru with Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi

New Delhi: Parliamentary affairs minister M.Venkaiah Naidu defended human resources development minister Smriti Irani visiting an astrologer by citing Jawaharlal Nehru asking for his grandson Rajiv Gandhi’s horoscope to be prepared.

Nadiu said that a senior police official, who is retired, had forwarded the information to him on the social media. It is from a letter Nehru had written to his Krishna Hutheesingh from the Ahmednagar Fort prison on August 29, 1944. (Rajiv Gandhi was born on August 20, 1944). It is part of a collection of letters edited Krishna Hutheesingh.

He tells Krishna that he had written to Indira to consult her (Krishna) in finding a competent man to prepare the birth-chart, and he cautions that the time of birth to be noted should be the “solar time”, and he also says that it “desirable” to have a chart marking the birth time. Naidu said that he does not believe in astrology himself, but he would not object to those who believe in it. He said that Congress members had argued that Nehru had a “scientific temper” but the letter showed that Nehru too believed in certain things.

The minister was briefing the media about the Opposition stalling of the Rajya Sabha yet again on Wednesday. He pointed out that there was a debate on conversions in Lok Sabha and he (Naidu) had replied to it. The discussion on conversions was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in the Rajya Sabha. The Opposition demanded the home minister Rajnath Singh should speak. When Rajnath Singh and began to speak, he was interrupted. He also took strong objection to the opoistion members, especially from the Congress, describing the prime minister as an “NRI PM” and seeking the “darshan” of the PM.

He also described the conversion episode as an exaggeration of the media. He said conversions are going on and cited a media report showing that some villagers in Uttar Pradesh converted to Christianity. He said that people were getting converted to Christianity in coastal Andhra. Asked if the government is planning to bring an anti-conversion bill, Naidu clarified that government would not act in a hurry, and such a bill will be brought only after due consideration.

Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad demanded that Congress president Sonia Gandhi should make a statement condemning the “unparliamentary” remarks that her party members in the Rajya Sabha made against the prime minister. He said that the Congress and its president displayed a “deficit in elementary human sensitivity” because on the day when more than a 100 children were killed in Pakistan, her party chose to disrupt the proceedings of the House.

Venkaiah Naidu conceded that the Congress and the Opposition had a majority in the Rajya Sabha and they can obstruct the government from passing important bills. He said that in the course of state elections, people will vote against the Congress and its opposition in the Upper House will not last.

To a dna query whether the Congress was following the BJP example in stalling the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, Naidu refuted it saying that this was a false propaganda. The BJP obstructed the House on issues of scams and corruption after waiting for four years, he said.


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